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This week's job search tip: virtual volunteering! When I switched careers into alumni relations, those job descriptions required social media skills. I had none! I worked closely with the volunteer coordinator of a terrific nonprofit, Face to Face Germantown. I gained relevant experience by volunteering while still able to work full time. I was able to detail those skills in my résumé.

If you're looking to acquire a particular skill, web sites like VolunteerMatch are a place to start. Contact staff at potential organizations directly, as well. Think of it as a networking opportunity, even like an informational interview. Search for the right fit, and nurture all the connections you make along the way.

Here is my LinkedIn secret for the week:
Your connections on LinkedIn can be key to learning about upcoming conferences or trade shows. Connect with industry leaders and communicate with them regularly via LinkedIn, and you'll be in the know! Learn more in this blog post.

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