What's your story?

Let's suppose you are interested in a position and you have the qualifications, education, and expertise. What if a dozen other applicants have that expertise as well? How can you position yourself as unique among the other candidates vying for a role?

There's one way to tell how you are different than anyone else who applied for this job.

Tell your story.

Let's say you are applying for a role that requires attention to detail, and you have an obsession with macro photography. In your cover letter and interview, you can describe how you are drawn to the smallest details of a photo in the same way you focus intently on the details of a task. Use your love of photography as a story to demonstrate an innate passion you have for precision.

In another example, suppose you're a cancer survivor. Share how battling this illness made you more committed to your vocation, as well as making you stronger and more resilient. Tell a story about how you overcame the most daunting challenge in your life and came out the other side.

We’ve all been shaped by our life experiences.

Whether we grew up in an urban city or a rural area, whether we were part of a large family or raised as an only child by a single mom, these experiences make up our story. If you can find a way to tell your story through your resume, LinkedIn profile, or interview, you will be a much stronger candidate!