What Employers Want

I’m looking forward to a movie coming out in about a week called “What Men Want.” It’s an update/remake of a 2000 movie, with Taraji P. Henson able to hear men’s thoughts instead of Mel Gibson eavesdropping on the thoughts of women. It got me thinking about how awesome a mind reading talent would be in a job interview!

Until my dream of telepathy becomes reality, here is a roundup of some of the best articles I’ve read recently describing what employers are looking for as they are hiring. I hope you enjoy it!

What Employers Want: A Roundup

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) asked employers which skills they are most often looking for. Check it out: Attributes Employers Seek on a Candidate’s Resume

LinkedIn analyzed their mountains of data and came up with most “in-demand” hard and soft skills, or skills that are in high demand relative to their supply. Most In-Demand Skills

CareerBuilder conducted their annual survey in May of 2018, but the results are still spot on: information technology and customer service top the list of most sought-after skillsets. College Hiring Outlook Strongest in More Than a Decade

The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AACU) shared survey results that prioritized communication skills and critical thinking in their report Fulfilling the American Dream.

Finally, you might find this video on the increasing demand for “hybrid skills,” a combination of technical and creative skills that employers are looking for. Hybrid jobs: Why employers are looking for candidates with hard and soft skills and if you have access (libraries rock!), the original Wall Street Journal article.

Now you’ve got at least a week’s worth of reading! My work here is done.

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