5/8/19 CareerServChat Questions

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Welcome to #CareerServChat! Please share your name/pronouns, where you work or study, and… Who is your favorite FEMALE fictional villain? Whether you go for Catwoman or Cruella de Vil, let’s hear it! Remember to include the #CareerServChat hashtag. Thanks for joining in, today's chat is going to be EPIC!

I’m hosting solo today! The questions cover a lot of ground related to gender roles and the workplace. The chat lasts an hour. Each question is numbered (Q1, Q2 etc.) so respond with A1, A2 etc. The last 5 minutes are for networking & sharing links. #CareerServChat

Q1. For the purpose of the next few questions, compare the genders male and female. What would you say are the most skewed occupations as far as gender balance? Which occupations have the greatest disparity between genders represented? #CareerServChat

Q2. What occupation would you guess has undergone the biggest flip as far as gender balance in the past 4 decades? Imagine the gender balance in different industries of the workforce in 1975. 😉 #CareerServChat

Q3. If you haven’t already, search your college or university’s web page for a school or a major that may have a gender imbalance. Are there students pictured on the main page? What gender ratio might be assumed from the photos? #CareerServChat

Q4a. A sophomore with an interest in marketing analytics is trying to decide between majoring in computer science or marketing/communications. Would you advise a student who presents as female differently than a male? Would you mention the gender imbalance in the fields? #CareerServChat

Q4b. A sophomore with an interest in healthcare is trying to decide between majoring in nursing or healthcare administration. Would you advise a student who presents as male differently than a female? Would you mention the gender imbalance in the fields? #CareerServChat

Q5. For these questions, consider transgender and gender non-binary individuals as well as male/female. Does your program or coaching practice offer any materials, workshops, or networking events with intentionally nontraditional gender content? What kind? #CareerServChat

Q6. Does your program have any partnerships with LGBTQ professional organizations? If so, which organizations and how do you collaborate? If not, what type of organizations would be good potential partners for your institution or coaching practice? #CareerServChat

Q7. Who are the most thoughtful voices doing great work around nontraditional gender roles in #CareerDevelopment or #HR that we should be listening to and learning from? Who is leading the way? Share in the weeks ahead with the hashtag #CareerServChat!

Circle time! Share blog posts, research, & resources related to this topic. Enjoyed someone's insights? Follow ’em here and connect with ’em on LinkedIn. Keep the conversation going with the hashtag #CareerServChat.

Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back here on the second Wednesday of June 6/12 at 12:30 pm ET/9:30 am PT. Topic: TBA! Follow the Twitter handle @CareerServChat to get reminders, and please share. #CareerServChat

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