6/12/19 CareerServChat Questions

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An archive of the June chat is found here:

Hey #CareerServChat! I’m thrilled to guest host today’s Twitter Chat about peer career advisors. Let’s start with introductions. I’m Ally Baldwin, Assistant Director of Career Services for Digital Student Engagement at Wheaton College. My pronouns are she/her/hers and I cats!

To join the fun, look for questions that begin with ‘Q’ followed by the question number. Then respond with ‘A’ plus the question number you’re responding to. For example, a response to Q1 would be A1. Don’t forget to add #CareerServChat to your tweet!

Others can chime in as they join, but I'll kick things off to get the ball rolling now...

Q1: How does your team utilize student employees and graduate assistants? Do your student employees/GAs serve as peer career advisors? #CareerServChat #CareerServChat

Q2: How much autonomy do you give your student employees/GAs over their work? Do they typically work on a specific task over the course of the semester/year or do they have different projects depending on the needs of the team? #CareerServChat

Q3: How do you balance your team’s needs with your student employees/GAs professional development? #CareerServChat

Q4: What strategies (if any) have you found to be effective to assess student employees/GAs work and professional growth? #CareerServChat

Q5: If the choice was exclusively yours, how would you like to see your current model change in the future? #CareerServChat

That’s all the time we have for today, but be sure to keep the conversation going using #CareerServChat. Thanks so much for chatting with me and for allowing me to be your guest-host today! Yay for student workers!

This topic was fantastic, thank you so much for bringing it to the #CareerServChat hive mind @AllyMBaldwin! I'm so appreciative of everyone's ideas and experiences, I'd love to treat you all to coffee at some point! THANK YOU!