12/12/18 CareerServChat Questions

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Welcome to #CareerServChat!

Welcome to #CareerServChat! Please share your name/pronouns, where you work or study, and what is your favorite holiday song! Remember to finish each tweet with the #CareerServChat hashtag. Thanks for joining in!

We’d like to thank @EWassermanBSU & @matthewrmottola for being guest hosts today! The chat lasts an hour. Each question is numbered (Q1, Q2 etc.). Begin each response with A1, A2 etc. The last 5 minutes are for networking & sharing links. Remember the hashtag! #CareerServChat

Q1. In 2017, Intuit (the company that makes TurboTax) estimated the gig economy represents 34% of the workforce. It’s expected to be 40% by 2020. In your experience as a career services professional, what type of work does the term “gig economy” include? #CareerServChat

Q2. To what extent have you offered programming for students exploring freelance careers or contract work? If you’ve created a program, share details about the program focus or content. If you haven’t yet, what do you hope to offer in the future? #CareerServChat

Q3. The stereotypical gig worker is youngish, but 24% of Uber drivers are over 50. Should the career advice related to freelancing shared with an older student or alum be different than that given to someone age 22? How? #CareerServChat

Q4. Whether hiring employees or contractors, today’s companies look for people who can navigate ambiguity, think like an entrepreneur, and add value beyond what’s listed in the job description. How can we help students learn and practice these important skills? #CareerServChat

Q5. Would your institution welcome Lyft or Uber at your career fair? How about Fiverr or TaskRabbit? If any of these companies have already participated in a fair, how did the students receive their presence? #CareerServChat

Q6. Career development programs emphasize how to articulate value to an employer. Is this still the right mantra, or should we revise our message? Do we keep our #HireACritter hashtag or is it #FendForYourselfCritters, #GoodLuck? #CareerServChat

Q7. Some Employer Recruitment Policies have restrictions such as “no up-front payments by students” or “no anonymous postings.” Does your policy place any restrictions on freelance opportunities for job postings? If so, what are they? #CareerServChat

Q8. Who are the most thoughtful voices in the #FutureOfWork that we should be listening to and learning from? Who is leading the way? Share in the weeks ahead with the hashtag #CareerServChat!

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