10/9/19 CareerServChat Questions

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Welcome to #CareerServChat, everyone! Please share your name/pronouns, where you work or study, and… the strangest flavor combo you LOVE! 🥓🌶️🍦 Remember to include the #CareerServChat hashtag. Thanks for being here today.

I’m Lynn Carroll, solo career coach and your guest host today to discuss partnerships! The chat lasts an hour. Each question is numbered (Q1, Q2 etc.) so respond with A1, A2 etc. The last 5 minutes are for networking & sharing links. #CareerServChat

Q1. A 2017 @InsideHigherEd piece by UNCG said it best: “Directors of career development are realizing they can’t do this work alone.” Career services partner with LOTS of folks to be successful. Who are your top partners? Employers, faculty, academic affairs? #CareerServChat

Q2. When choosing potential employer partners, you must determine if they share your goal to support the career development of students. Not every employer is a good fit. How do you decide WHO to partner with? What makes a good employer partner? #CareerServChat

Q3. Now let’s talk about unusual employer partners. Has your career services office ever found success with an unexpected employer partnership? Any surprise “sleeper hits” you wouldn’t have guessed? Companies you never saw coming? Tell us about ‘em! #CareerServChat

Q4. When it comes to campus relationships, faculty and academic affairs are natural partners. What other groups or programs should we work with? Who on campus have you partnered with successfully that might surprise us? Tell us why and how it worked well! #CareerServChat

Q5. If we want to infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion into our everyday programming we need to choose great partners. Who are your most engaged DE&I partners right now, on- or off-campus? Who do you hope to partner with in the future? #CareerServChat

Q6. Government agencies can be invaluable for career services but it’s not easy to know how to access resources. What are the federal, state and local government groups you tap most frequently? What agencies would you like to develop partnerships with someday? #CareerServChat

Q7. Some high schools offer career advising. How could career services collaborate with secondary schools to get students thinking about career options earlier? How could high school educators “lay the groundwork” for higher ed career pros? #CareerServChat

Q8. Imagine an anonymous donor gave $500,000 for a new partnership program between career services and any external agency, company, or organization you choose. Assume no logistical or administrative limitations. What program would you create? #CareerServChat

Circle time! Share resources on this topic. Follow folks here and connect with ’em on LinkedIn. This was a wide-ranging discussion so please continue to use the hashtag in the coming weeks to keep the creative juices flowing. #CareerServChat

Finally, please join us on Wed. Nov. 13 for the next chat. The topic is scheduled to be “Addressing gendered career decision-making,” with guest host @bolger_emma, lecturer at @UniWestScotland. Hope you’ll join us, and tell a colleague about #CareerServChat too!