9/11/19 CareerServChat Questions

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Welcome to #CareerServChat, everyone! Please share your name/pronouns, where you work or study, and… what part of the world are you tweeting from today? Remember to include the #CareerServChat hashtag. Thanks for being here today.

Thanks to @robbinbeauchamp and @aspergersgirls for guest hosting today! The chat lasts an hour. Each question is numbered (Q1, Q2 etc.) so respond with A1, A2 etc. The last 5 minutes are for networking & sharing links. #CareerServChat

Q1: ”Neurodivergent” is a term many folks may not be familiar with. What conditions are included in the umbrella term “neurodiversity” as it is defined today? #CareerServChat

Q2: We’ve come a long way in support of autistics, but there is still much to be done. Dr. Stephen Shore said, “If you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism.” What does this mean to you? #CareerServChat

Q3: The “No Child Left Behind” law made K-12 instruction more inclusive, providing access to college for students who may not have attended previously. Have you seen an increase in neurodivergent students/candidates in your career center or workplace? #CareerServChat

Q4: How can professionals in the workplace and college career centers support the vocational success of autistic individuals? #CareerServChat

Stretch break! Today's chat is generously sponsored by College Autism Network @CollegeAutism. Help students with autism go from college to career. Register for the 3rd College Inclusion Summit Oct 23-25! Info at collegeinclusionsummit.org #CareerServChat #sponsored

Q5: Some individuals on the spectrum have the capabilities businesses need & they can become a key part of the solution. (Forbes) What are some common attributes autistics bring to the workplace? #CareerServChat

Q6: Describe a coaching session or mentoring interaction you’ve had with a neurodivergent individual. What made it successful? What techniques or strategies did you use? #CareerServChat

Q7: What tips do you have for empowering a #neurodivergent individual? #CareerServChat

Q8: How might we work together to bring a voice to #neurodivergent college students, candidates, and employees in the #workplace setting? #CareerServChat

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Finally, please join us on Wed. Oct. 9 for the next chat. The topic is tentatively scheduled to be “Data & Assessment,” with guest hosts to be announced. Hope you’ll join us, and tell a colleague about #CareerServChat too!