2/13/19 CareerServChat Questions

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Welcome to #CareerServChat!

Welcome to #CareerServChat! Please share your name/pronouns, where you work or study, and whether you’re a LinkedIn enthusiast or more of a reluctant user. Remember to finish each tweet with the #CareerServChat hashtag. Thanks for joining in!

Thanks to @ChaimShapiro for guest hosting! Chaim is Director of Student Success @WeAreTouro and a LinkedIn trainer. The chat lasts an hour. Each question is numbered (Q1, Q2 etc.) so respond with A1, A2 etc. The last 5 minutes are for networking & sharing links. #CareerServChat

Q1. For most of us, having a presence on LinkedIn is part of the job. How important is it for career services pros to be experts in LinkedIn, to leverage the full potential of the platform? #CareerServChat

Q2. What would you say are the most important components of an “optimized” LinkedIn profile? #CareerServChat

Q3. How active should students be on LinkedIn, and how often should they check their LinkedIn notifications? What advice do you give them to get the most benefit out of the platform? #CareerServChat

Q4. Do you accept connection requests from students at your institution? How about alums? Do you SEND connection requests to students? Alums? Why or why not? #CareerServChat

Q5. How can students best use LinkedIn searches? Do you encourage them to focus on the alumni of your institution when looking for people to connect with? #CareerServChat

Q6. Once a student or client has sent a connection request and it has been accepted, what do you advise them to do next? Chaim’s strategy: “Identify on LinkedIn, Engage on Twitter and Seal Over Coffee” #CareerServChat

Q7. What are best practices for sending connection requests? Do you recommend that students personalize them? Do you show students how to do that on mobile devices as well as desktop? #CareerServChat

Q8. What is “Open Candidate” and how is this feature particularly important for students? #CareerServChat

Q9. How can students use the new LinkedIn Company pages once they create a list of targeted companies where they’d like to intern or work? #CareerServChat

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